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First D3R workshop, March 2016

Past Meetings

July 29-31, 2015 PDB/D3R/CDCC Ligand Validation Workshop (at Rutgers)
September 14, 2015 D3R Advisory Board Meeting (at UCSD)
September 21-24, 2015 NBCR/TCBG/D3R Simulation-Based Drug Discovery Hands-On Workshop (at UCSD)
March 9-11, 2016 First Annual D3R Workshop (at UCSD)
March 27, 2017 Grand Challenge 2 Webinar
April 2017 ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA
June 6-9, 2017 CECAM Workshop "Beyond Kd's: New computational methods to address challenges in drug discovery", Lausanne, Switzerland
July 16-21, 2017 Computer Aided Drug Design Gordon Research Conference, West Dover, VT
July 23-26, 2017 AIMECS 2017, Melbourne, Australia
July 30-Aug 3, 2017 Calcon 2017, Colorado Springs, CO
Aug 20-24, 2017 ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC
Sept 5-8, 2017 SBDD 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland
Oct 16-17, 2017 K4DD 2017, Berlin, Germany
Feb 22-23, 2018 D3R Face-to-Face Workshop in La Jolla, CA


April 2017 ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA
(Shuai Liu Talk (3.9MB), Jeff Wagner Poster (3.3MB))
August 2016 ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
(Poster (1MB), Talk (36.3MB))

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